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Monday, 11 June 2018

Top 10 Best Media Players in 2018 Windows,Mac & Linux Free Download

#1 VLC Player
VLC media player is one of the best players that is available in the market. Whenever we talk about best players VLC’s name comes to everyone’s mind. Reason being it is having a simple user interface and it supports all the audio and video formats. If you are fed up of its looks you can also install different skins to it. One of the main reason of its being best is that it is available free. If you ask me I will surely recommend this software to you.

#2 KM Player
KM Player is another good choice when you are mainly watching movies. This player supports file formats of any type and can play the videos very smoothly. Apart from that, it comes up with many more interesting features like support for 3D, 2K, 4K and UHD videos. Users can also set up their audio and video libraries in it.

Media player classic- Home cinema (MPC-HC) is also one of the most lightweight and best media players that can be installed on PCs. We can say it is a one stop solution for all the video requirements. It can play almost all kinds of audio and videos formats. Its interesting feature is that you can even record the TV videos clips with help of TV tuner. This software is free of cost.

#4 GOM media player
GOM player is another good software for audio and video this player can play almost every file type. It is having user-friendly interface .apart from this it is having the phone number of advanced features like it gives its users a full playback speed control, video effects, and audio captures. You can even download skins from the internet if you get bored using a single skin.

#5 5K Player
If you are fond of playing HD videos then this player is for you. It is all about HD videos on your device. This player is able to play 4K and 5K videos on your PC along with MP3 audio files. This is a very lightweight software and is having all the features of a media player. Its interesting feature is that you can even download videos directly from YouTube, Daily Motion, and other video streaming sites.

#6 Pot Player
Pot player is another free player that is available for windows. It is best because it is having its own hardware acceleration feature which makes sure that the video is played without any hindrance even on PC’s having low hardware. Another cool feature is that it supports all kinds of 3D glasses which make experience with 3D movies awesome. Moreover, it supports almost every codec that is available.

#7 UM Player
UM, player is a light weight player that can be used for both audio and video files. This software is freely available and is having amazing functions. It has a very simple and very interactive user interface. It is also having support for a large number of codec so any video file can be played without any worries, It also provides the facility of automatically downloading subtitles for videos.

#8 DivX Player
DivX player is basically created for HQ videos. if you don’t want to ruin your high-quality video experience then you must go for this. DivX player supports almost all the popular video formats. It is having a recently watched playlist which makes sure that you can quickly watch your recently watched videos.

#9 Real player
If you are traveling and want to access your favorite movie or video but don’t want to carry them with you every time them real player is your best choice as it let you save your videos to the cloud so that they can be easily accessed anywhere anytime. The free version of this software is having almost all the features. Apart from watching videos, you can even share your videos.

#10 Plex
Plex is another player which is used for watching videos or playing audio. It is having a very user-friendly interface. This media player also lets its users upload video on the online space provided so that you can watch your favorite movies anywhere. It also lets users stream videos from other streaming services like Netflix etc.

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